SLP Pricing


On-premise Subscription

  • SKU #Product DescriptionMSRP / List PriceGSA PriceSLP Price
    SS.B.SaaSStaff Safety RTLS License, B4n or current staff safety tag, remote support, and maintenance on all$225$185.95$185.00
    BW.B.SaaSBLE Staff Safety Alarm SystemLicense, G3 BLE to Wi-Fi, Remote support and maintenance for all$125$103.27$103.00
    BB.B.SaaSBLE Staff Safety Alarm License A1 BLE beaconing device, remote support, and maintenance for all.$125$103.27$103.00
    PSU.B.SaaSInfrastructure System License, POE Redundancy Subscription, Wi-Fi BLE POE powered PSU, remote support and maintenance$300$248.86$247.86
    A4.B.SaaSAsset tracking Annual license subscription, A4n Wi-Fi and or BLE Asset Tag, remote support, and maintenance.$100$82.62$82.62
    A3.B.Asset tracking Annual license subscription, A3n Wi-Fi and or BLE Asset Tag, remote support, and maintenance.$100$82.62$82.62
    A1.B.SaasAsset Tracking annual Licenses subscription, A1 BLE tag remote support and maintenance.$85$70.23$70.23
    HH.B.SaaSHand Hygiene License Subscription A1 BLE Staff Fob, remote support, and maintenance$100$82.62$82.62
    HDU.B.SaaSHand Hygiene Device annual license subscription, BLE emitter, remote support and maintenance.$80$66.10$66.10


SKU #Product DescriptionMSRP / List PriceGSA PriceSLP Price
SS.B.SaaS.EHSExtended software appliance support. Charged as a % of net combined SW/appliance bundle.20%18%11.5%


SKU #Job TitleJob TitleMinimum Education / Certification LevelMinimum Years of ExperienceMSRP Hourly RateSLP Contract Price/ Hourly Rate
(Not to Exceed Hourly Rate)
APS.IMEngineerProvides software Implementation and support for on premise software installation on customer provided hardware.B.A. or B.S. degree in related field2$237.5237.5
APS.SRSenior Information ArchitectProvides implementation supervision and creation of rules and workflow.B.A. or B.S. degree in related field4$268.75268.75
APS.APISenior Integration EngineerProvides technical implementation support for 3rd party integrations and custom development if applicable.B.A. or B.S. degree in related field6$325.00$325.00
APS.PMSenior Project ManagerProvides implementation supervision, person possesses a thorough understanding of the process requirements and provide both technical and management oversight of the project. B.A. or B.S. degree in related field4$268.75$268.75


SKU #Class TitleClass Description# of StudentsMSRP / List PriceGSA PriceSLP Price
APS.TRPDAS System OperationsSite specific on-premise training8$2500/day$2,250.00
APS.WEBWeb portal trainingPDAS Staff Safety System remote web based trainingunlimited$1000/person$850/person